Customer Testimonials

Rob Mitchell and the Carolina Digital Team did an outstanding job in the installation of the VOIP System for our church Saint Matthews  United Methodist located  in  Greensboro, N.C. The transition from our old phone system was flawless thanks to Rob’s expertise and attention to detail.  Nicky Smith was a valuable resource in the selection of the system that met the needs we have. I strongly  recommend that if you desire to save money and work with a quality organization, these are the people to use.

William Gist

When our voicemail system died on our antiquated phone system, we knew it was time to start shopping. Though our change was forced, we wish that we had made the switch to Carolina Digital years sooner. From the cost savings, to the new modern equipment, it’s too bad that we waited until we had to switch to start doing business with Carolina Digital. The ability to dial an extension and get phone support from their team is a level of service to which all vendors should aspire.

Daniel Strayer, Financial Planner

Changing over to Carolina Digital Phone VoIP service was a quick and painless conversion for us. They save us money every month and the system “just works!” (Roanoke Rapids Graded School District switched from another hosted VoIP provider to Carolina Digital deploying more than 450 existing Polycom IP phone devices)
Mark Kuchenbrod, Chief Technology Officer, Roanoke Rapids Graded School District, Roanoke Rapids, NC

Mark Kuchenbrod, Chief Technology Officer

When it came time to replace our aging Cisco infrastructure, we reached out to several vendors for recommendations on a replacement phone system, including Converged Networks – a long time technology partner to the district. Converged Networks and their VoIP service provider Carolina Digital Phone took time to understand our needs and clearly demonstrate their solution, helped us set up a demo system so that we could build skill and confidence prior to implementation, and continues to provide on-demand support for any questions that arise. Their excellent solution and world-class service has enabled us to roll-out a reliable, mission critical system while saving thousands of dollars in both implementation cost and on-going service.  
Jay Lindler, Director of Technology, Lexington School District 4, Swansea, SC

Jay Lindler, Director of Technology

The folks at Carolina Digital know what they are doing. They have excellent experience in the industry and are there to assist with the touch of a button. They helped us implement a phone system in 2013, which has helped create great cost savings for our business. They are cost effective, and have great service to back it up. Their team is great!
Will Berry, Director of Operations, Berico Fuels, Greensboro NC

Will Berry, Director of Operations

We started using Carolina Digital July 1, 2014 and we have been very pleased with the service they have given us hosting VoIP. The installation couldn’t have been easier. It was plug and play. The support has also been reliable and speedy. We are a small school in the middle of eastern Virginia and Chris and Nicky have been wonderful to work with. We couldn’t have picked a better company to work with. Thank you all at Carolina Digital for your hard work.
Beverly E. Horner, Director of Technology, Colonial Beach High School, Colonial Beach, Virginia

Beverly E. Horner, Director of Technology

We’ve been with Carolina Digital for almost three years and the service has been great! Having our phone service hosted in Carolina Digital’s cloud data center on NCREN offers us immediate access to changes and hosted in a secure backup to route calls to cell phones when we have power failures. The customer support Awesome!
Froi Romero, Coordinator of Technical Support Services, Bertie County Schools

Froi Romero, Coordinator of Technical Support Services

Our business depends of telephone service with our clients. Carolina Digital Phone delivers great digital quality telephone phone service. Very reliable and have tons of features. This is the way to go for sure. Carolina Digital does a great job and has saved us a lot of money at I have known the owner of Carolina Digital Phone for many years and his team delivers what they promise. Reliable, telephone service for my growing business and cut my telephone bill more than in half. We already have high-speed internet access and why not use what we are paying for for our voice services. I can’t recommend them enough.
William Hammer, Owner, BizBoostPros

William Hammer, Owner

“At Mozilla we have been using Thirdlane to manage and connect PBXs in our offices worldwide. Out-of-the-box Thirdlane includes all the administration and end-user features expected in a modern PBX, but what really sets it apart is the ease and the depth of customization it offers to administrators. It does not limit what you can do with Asterisk – just makes it easier”
Justin Fitzhugh, Senior Director of Engineering Operations, Mozilla

Justin Fitzhugh, Senior Director of Engineering Operations

Changing my telephone and internet service to Carolina Digital resulted in a cost savings of over $300.00 per month! This is a very significant number to our bottom line.

Cyndy Hayworth, President

The phone service at Carolina Digital Phone is exactly what we wanted. It was so fast and easy to get everything setup and the service and support can’t be beat. There is never a wait for tech support and they always have had the answer. Even if it is just me asking the same thing over again because I forgot how to do something. But the techs walks me thru it with patience 🙂 You get all of this at an very affordable price too!!!!
Barbara L. Davis, Executive Director, Handy Capable Network

Barbara L. Davis, Executive Director

We are so happy to have made the change to Carolina Digital Phone. We have saved over $200 per month and have better quality service than we had before. Customer service is excellent and the phone system is easy to operate and learn. We now have room to grow and expand extensions without having to increase our plan. We also increased our phone features by making the switch to Carolina Digital.
Mark Ledford, Facilities Director, Christ United Methodist Church

Mark Ledford, Facilities Director

“snom has always believed the customer has the right to choose which products and services will best fit their specific needs; that’s why we have been focusing so heavily on certified interoperability across all VoIP system components in recent months With Thirdlane PBX now supporting our phones, snom’s phones have become an even more attractive choice than they were before.”
Michael Knieling, CFO and Executive Vice President, Snom VoIP Phones

Michael Knieling, CFO and Executive Vice President

“In this difficult economy, we were looking for ways to cut our expenses. Carolina Digital Phone not only helped us reduce our monthly phone expenses, but improved our staff productivity by providing better tools to manage our phone calls.”
Bruce B. Cantrell, AIA – Principal, J. Hyatt Hammond Associates

Bruce B. Cantrell, AIA – Principal

Holistic Services has made the difference between success and failure, understanding and confusion, hope and despair for families with substance abuse problems. Carolina Digital Phone in their hosted telephone service offering allows us to be successful in ways to help our treatment center communicate with our clients, doctors and services in ways we could not have with a traditional telephone system or just plain on phone lines. They (Carolina Digital) give us the personal service of a smaller company but with the professionalism and quality of a big box company with 100’s of thousands of clients! If you want both, I advise anyone needing these services to switch over now:)
Kia Mclean, Owner/CEO, Holistic Services, Inc., Holistic Services – Greensboro, NC

Kia Mclean, Owner/CEO, Holistic Services, Inc.

Ours is a small business where economics as well as functionality impact our decision-making for process as well as product. What we buy and use must be both functional and cost-efficient. When we realized our ultra low-cost VoIP phones were causing business problems (poor quality, inability to work with our Internet provider, dropped calls), we went looking for a new phone system that provided excellent clarity, low-cost, and integrated with our Internet (which was a new addition). After talking to the folks at Carolina Digital Phones, I got the feeling they would support their product and offer on-going tech support immediately. We tested the phones and ran into one issue which they fixed immediately (and very cleverly – it was caused by our Internet provider). Since then, we’ve had no dropped calls, excellent clarity and great integration with our Internet through custom firewall settings. When we want to do something new, we first read the short manual and if we can’t figure it out, Carolina Digital Phone techs walk us through it right then, on the spot! The phones are absolutely suitable for small business and also have the advantage of expandability for larger – or growing – businesses. The initial and monthly prices are excellent, the tech support beyond expectations and the follow-up care and concern is happily unique among our vendors.
Sue Polinsky, President, TechTriad, Inc., TechTriad – Greensboro, NC

Sue Polinsky, President, TechTriad, Inc.